Can I send you my demo?


Sure, as long as it fits the following criteria: 


i. Stylistically, it has to be shoegazey, post-punk, dreamy indie rock with a bit of a slacker element to it. Bands that know, know. Please familiarize yourself with our artists.

ii. The band has to have some type of traction going for it. You are the co-headliner opening up for much larger bands in your home town. You've done some touring. You've built up some type of local following in your home town. Definitely attach any press or college radio love you've gotten.


iii. We don’t care where you live or how old you are or if you’re addicted to battery acid, but we need our bands to tour. A lot.


iv. We do not do one off 7″s, EPs or LPs with bands between labels or ones trying to maneuver to a larger one.  

What format should my demo be in?

i.  The best way is to send a few select MP3s

ii. The 2nd best way is a link to a SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc. or a YouTube vid if you’re extra ambitious and made a DIY video.

iii. The 3rd “ok” way is to send a physical demo, but we prefer 1 or 2 because it’s less expensive for you, more environmentally responsible and it’s easier for us to click on links or play an MP3.

P L E A S E   D O N ' T

i. Don’t send us something to download. We will not download any materials.

ii. Do not send large files like .wav’s or .aiff’s. We can tell if we like it as an mp3, we swear.

We try and listen to everything. If we don't have time to get back to you  it’s safe to assume we’re not interested for the time being. Typically, we only have one or two roster slot open at any given time. Don’t let that discourage you from finding another label or trying again later!