Blew//Rose was started by Richie Felix Alexander in 2018. He noticed a void for artists that were creating indie music with a more aggressive undertone. This doesn't mean  'heavy' or 'angular', but think more of a 'violent-swaying'.

There is an energy in their live shows as well as their albums. These new crop of bands are just as dreamy as any modern indie rock band strumming reverby-chorus guitar chords, except they have incorporated the energy and imagination of bands from the later 80s and the 90s, with their own twist, creating a new, underground sound.


Another void Alexander discovered was a lack of patience from labels and bands he encountered. Blew//Rose does not work with any artists looking for a one off 7-Inch, EP or LP, nor with bands between labels, or ones trying to maneuver to a larger one. 

The label understands that indie based music is, at it's core, grass roots based. Everyone is 'DIY', for better or for worse, when they are starting out.  For Alexander, this means the artists he works with as well as his label need time to develop together.  All his artists tour and work together to build something really special for everyone involved, including Blew//Rose serving as the main platform.

Since the label's inception, Alexander has targeted the type of artist who's style and work-ethic is mentioned above.


Some notables are Bankruptcy (includes members of Thursh Hermit and The Dears), Clone (includes members of DIIV and Dead Leaf Echo), Bad Dates (includes members of Kitchens and Bathrooms and The Inflation Kills), as well as a home for his own band, Did You Die.

Blew//Rose's HQ is in beautiful Victoria, BC, but it's artists and the label's reach is worldwide.

Enjoy the ride.



L-R: Richie Felix Alexander & Ian Browne at Seagaze Festival, Seattle, WA, 2019